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First of all, when you buy a good knife for throwing, it should not be sharp. Sharp edges will eventually injure you even when you decide to never throw from the blade: for example while handling the knife, or because of a bounce back. The only thing necessary for a good stick in the target is a tip that is not too broad and that gets flat.

A good throwing knife does not need to have a special handle, I like all-steel ones best because they look cool and I have no hassle fixing handle parts that will come off after some training.

Go for simple, round shapes without spikes. Those elaborate designs you can often buy are awkward to throw, because the metal parts protruding limit you in how you can grip the knife, and will sometimes get hooked on your fingers when throwing.

For a beginner, a good throwing knife should weigh at least 200g. Lighter knives must be thrown with more accuracy, they tend to wobble in the flight. Heavy knives (more than 400g) are not recommended either, because you would need too much strength to throw them properly. You can always switch to them later when you got the feeling and want to throw from greater distances. As for the length, there is an ancient rule of thumb: Roughly one cm for each 11g of weight. For example the Faka packs 385g, with its length of 35cm even perfectly adhering to this rule.

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Which throwing knife is best for me?

Choose your throwing knife

You learned from the section above what features make a good throwing knife, you now have a gut feeling what throwing knife is right for you, but still there is an awful big variety sitting on the shelves of a knife store. To help you select the throwing knife that matches your needs, we tested widely available throwing knives in our reviews for their sticking-performance.

Where can I buy my throwing knife?

It is important to get a feel for the knives, so I recommend you go to your local hardware or weapons store and have a look at every throwing knife they offer. Hold them, see which feel comfortable and present in your hands, gripped both at the blade and the handle. If you find a make that fells good and meets the criteria from the previous chapter, buy the throwing knife! In fact, I recommend you buy three pieces, because you will make much quicker progress in you knife throwing training if you can instantly correct your throw without having to walk to the target every single time. Last, a good throwing knife should cost at least 15 Euros (15 Dollars), or you can be sure it is some dirt that will bend or break soon.

If there is no store in your vicinity, or they have nothing that suits you, do try ordering online. A great number of places sells throwing knives online. Of course I recommend you start in our own Throwing Knife Online Shop (we do ship worldwide), the Faka throwing knife there is perfect for beginners. Then have a look at our list of online shops that sell throwing knives, each place there offers a decent selection.

Christian Thiel

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